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Custom Software Development

Identifying your current databases, available technology, recorded data, and systems will help give us the proper image of the future company you hope to achieve. Talking through the goals and needs of your software offers us the chance to develop the best in software for you. You may not even know what you need until our team shares the possibilities.

We offer analysis to assist in the maintenance of your existing software or in creating a brand-new system. Mobile and desktop software needs that delicate touch to optimize efficiency and user experience. From code auditing to maintenance to the development and implementation, we are your dream team to securing a more successful application for your business’s needs.


Design & Planning

Function and form need to meet your expectations. With goals set, our team works to produce the ideal software. Mapping out milestones and the requirements help generate the software that reflects your business best. Consultation provides us a narrowed scope to the requirements of your software. It needs to fit right. Crunchsoft provides a plan of all major checkpoints along the journey toward the final destination. You will be updated with the progress. Designed to specification, we will create a software that embodies the heart of your business. It needs to be efficient. It needs to be profitable. It will be.

UX/UI Design

With our consultation and designed mapping, Crunchsoft creates user interfaces and experiences which keep the customers coming. Don’t lose out on business with a poorly formulated site. Your site will have user interfaces and experiences that set you above the rest. A pleasant design and system will draw in the paying customers and keep them coming back. Each application and page needs to work together efficiently to best serve your needs. Each site is structured to meet that goal.


What does it do? Once you let us know, it can do a lot for a little. Given direction, our team will create applications for your software to complete all manner of processes and tasks. Your software needs to fit your needs. Crunchsoft is dig into the heart of your business to create the most efficient and user-friendly applications. Time is money, and we want to make it as straight-forward as possible. It needs to be easy. It needs to produce results. It needs to be unique to you. It all needs to function in tandem. Each piece of the puzzle will fit perfectly.


Custom Application

Each task or process can inspire an application. These custom applications are available to our clients. Crunchsoft excels in the development of versatile software to handle each aspect of your business. Crunchsoft will delve into the meat of your business. What processes are your users performing? What applications need to work together? How will an application effectively improve your business? Our team will create ideal applications for every task. Custom applications will help trim wasted time and offer specialized systems for users.


You need a software that fits your business’s needs. New and unique. Something that’ll set you above the competition. Development is what we love, and we know you’ll love the finished product. Crunchsoft’s team is trained in every aspect of software development. From the foundation of coding to the creative design and appeal. We’ll find out what you need it to do, and it’ll do just that. Options for more user-friendly experiences, efficient processes, and a more profitable way to do business are the goals. Our software will be your advantage in the market.

Database Development

A database is quite the undertaking. Crunchsoft’s trained professionals will create a plan and framework for the design and development of your needs. Contact us for your consultation. Databases require a lengthy series of designs, development, implementation, and maintenance to run properly. Crunchsoft works to plan out the ideal database for you. Based on your needs and requests, we create the right product for you. A project plan and updates will be made available. Store all that important information for your business in the newest model of databases specialized for you.

Cross Platform

Your software needs to work as hard as you do. If you need systems to work across platforms, our team will assist in tethering them together seamlessly. Don’t burden yourself with various processes and systems when we can stitch it all into one. Your business and needs may include software that can operate without being hindered by platform restrictions. Optimize your processes with Crunchsoft. We will ensure that your software is compatible with any platforms which you request. We are ready to discuss the options and make your software versatile.

Includes Basic Preventive Maintenance

Crunchsoft will maintain delivered software. This will ensure that your software installed features are up to date and that backups of the software are taken once per month (not all delivered software requires or will have monthly backup service).

Learn more about Support and maintenance here.

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Training Schedules

Meet your training standards immediately. This tool documents all of your staff and their upcoming trainings. Manage by department and training session level.

Web Control Themes

When building your own app, choose from these User Interactive elements. This is just the beginning of what we can develop!


Maintenance Forms & Logs

Logs and forms will be tailored to your environment. Here is an example of a machine maintenance log.

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Graphic Design and Branding

We want to make you stand out—a diamond dazzling among the coal. Take advantage of these fabulous features for a fresh take on your business. We get to know who your company was, what it is now, and where it needs to go. From complete revisions to a simple update of color pallets, our team will develop a new image that suits you. We dig deep to find the best solutions to your branding needs.

Social media, promotional materials and billboards, and reconstructing your image are some of the quality services we provide. Stand out and leave a memorable impression upon your customers. Logo design and advanced branding services are available to our clients. With our wide variety of  services we offer within Advanced Branding, we are excited to guide and train your company to use your logo effectively and step into a newly fashioned persona and perspective.

Our artistic and professional team produce logos perfect for shirts, posters, websites—wonderful for keeping yourself visible in the public eye. Show off that new, fresh look.

Business Research

Rediscovering who you are as a business and organization comes with finding what makes you tick. We offer our specialized team to take who you are, turning your weaknesses into strengths, perfecting your image. Crunchsoft will examine your business, principles, and establish goals to produce a plan. Much like building a house, we build a great model, from a great foundation we build together. Consulting the original, we can better fashion a more unique and memorable image. We need to know where you’ve been to understand where you’re going.

Develop & Resolve Design Assets

Consistency is critical, especially when it comes to branding. Crunchsoft’s team of professional artists will develop a series of visual elements and images for you to maintain and keep that professional look, through any medium or media you use. From your logos, branding style guide, or graphics, our team will develop and resolve any inconsistencies to beautiful and memorable images that fit your style. 

Color Resolution

Different colors produce different emotional responses and can reinforce the message of your logo. We create visually appealing works without clashing or overwhelming hues. Each palette we create has proper resolution from screen to print, and can be color blindness friendly to maintain a remarkable experience for everyone. Every image and logo needs to be professional. It’ll all be ready for the spotlight once we’re done.

Logo Design

Each logo is a unique, memorable, work of art that leaves a lasting impression upon a customer’s memory upon initial discovery of your business. We create each logo tailored to you, and are ready to be used on all platforms you embark!


Logos and branding may age well– others do not. Crunchsoft will take that tired look and refresh the image of your business. Keep some of the old or scrap it for something new. Let’s make it timeless. Redesigning your business’s logo and image can be as simple as a touchup or a full rework. We’ll bring you into the new age.

Brand Training

Keep your business fiscally empowered by developing a bond between brand, team and your audience. Crunchsoft provides assistance in developing this connection, reinforcing who you are as a business! Employees that are engaged with your logo and your business empower themselves and the company. We aid you in developing a strong bond between the business and those that are part of the family. With training on how to properly use your business logo and design elements, you can reinforce your mission as a business!

Graphic Design & Branding Examples

Maple Syrup Label

Sample of product label and logo.

Style Guide

 Sample of a brand style guide.


Simple icon as part of brand signature.

Website Design & Development

Your company needs to be seen, and we’re ready to help that happen. We will determine what level of functionality and design you would require for your site. The features, applications, and number of pages are all based on what you need.

Your website will be easily sought and a sight to behold. Web presence can make or break a company. Our team is ready to dazzle with a website that captures the essence of your company.


Crunchsoft offers space in our servers. Your website will be tucked away in a secure space under the watchful eyes of our professionals. Your files are in good hands with us. Keeping your website files with Crunchsoft will make your life easier. Cut back on server costs and equipment by securing your website and files with us.

Graphic Elements

A website should reflect the business. Professional and clean or more relaxed and fun. Whatever your needs, we create sites with an incredible look. Crunchsoft’s artistic and coding professionals collaborate in fashioning an efficient and appeasing site. Your website may be that first impression. We ensure that experience is positive. The layouts and graphic elements of your site will be artistically fashioned to keep eyes on your page. Whatever your style, the pages will reflect the best of your business.

WordPress Plugins

There’s a plugin for that. Let us hear your needs, and a plugin may be an easy solution for your site. WordPress plugins allow the addition of features to websites without your team needing to know anything of coding. We want to hear your needs and concepts. If possible, the Crunchsoft team is prepared to fashion the right plugin for you.


Doing business online may mean letting your customers finalize all transactions right on the website. Our sites can be made to allow you to deal with funds virtually. Your site may require applications for receiving payments from your customers for their orders. Crunchsoft is capable of creating a website that allows online transactions. Let the customer enter their order and pay—they never have to leave their chair at home. Making it easy for them means it’s easy for you. Efficient systems and sites mean they order with their clicks, and you see the profits roll in.


Private information must be protected.  For you and your customers, this is an important part of doing business. We assist in protecting every digit and letter. Secure Sockets Layers are necessary when trying to keep your customers and business safe. Shield private information like credit cards, social security numbers, and login credentials from the unsavory. We offer this service to keep you protected against the dangers of online transactions and business. We’re ready with the virtual blockades.

PCI-DSS Compliance

Standards are set to keep your business and customers financially secure when dealing with transactions. Protect your websites with proper measures. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a security standard designed for all companies that deal with financial transactions. Protect card information for your customers to keep them safe when dealing with your business. Protecting them means protecting your profitability. Crunchsoft ensures you’ll be prepared for protected transactions.

Includes Basic Preventive Maintenance

Crunchsoft will maintain delivered websites. This will ensure that your website installed features are up to date and that backups of the websites are taken once per month.

Learn more about Support and maintenance here.

Website Design & Development Examples

One Page Website

Simple business website with contact form.

Church Website

Simple church website.

Event Website

A website for any kind of Event.

Brewery Website

Multi page sample of a brewery website.

Bar Website

One page bar website.

Restaurant Website

Simple restaurant website.

Golf Course Website

Multi page sample of a golf course website.

Handy Work Website

One page handyman website.

Septic Service Website

Multi page septic company website.

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